Internal Audits

The internal audits are conducted to check the performance of the RTOs by measuring its compliance with the regulatory requirements. If you want to survive as RTO/CRICOs it is recommended to organise internal audit of the RTO from an independent party. This internal audit will check RTO’s systems, processes and evidence and against the applicable regulatory requirements which helps to identify gaps that could lead future non-compliance. It is also a good idea to have your RTO audited before renewing RTO registration, adding qualification to scope, or changing in ownership or company structure. 

RTO Professionals can conduct internal audit of your RTO. Our internal audit process consist of Initial meeting, desk audit, site audit, audit report and a rectification plan. RTO Professionals can also help you with post audit rectifications. 

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The applicable regulatory requirements may include following depending upon the nature and scope of your RTO:

VET Quality Framework

Standards for RTOs 2015


The National Code 2018

ELICOS Standards 2018

State Funding Contract


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